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Onyx Graphene Pure 

 Ultra Hard 10H Ceramic Coating

The Certified 10H Nano Coating Product with N1 smoothness level that stays for a lifetime.


Onyx Graphene Pure is next-generation ceramic coatings suitable for paint, plastic, metals, aluminums. The cutting-edge technology allows the coatings to deeply penetrate the surface and form a secure and tight bond, thus creating a thick ceramic protective layer. The flashing time for the product varies according to the temperature of the surface and the surrounding and humidity levels.  The initial cure will be ready within 2~5 hours after application, the full cure will take 14 days in room temperature, build-up time: 4~6 days. This product has outstanding chemical resistance, gloss, hardness, sleekness, and water repellency.

N1 smooth surfaces adhere less to weather contamination, keeping your coated surface looking great for a longer time. As smoother N1 surfaces with lesser friction coefficients last longer, it minimizes the need for maintenance works.    graphene car coating  It world’s first n1 nano-coating with very high contact angle upon application. N1 also increases the water repellency angle of more than 120°.

Graphene 10H is super resistant to scuff marks and offers a permanent 10H ceramic barrier, with high-gloss and superb durability. The super-hard coating forms a permanent covalent bond to paint, gel coat, metal, and wheels. Provide a layer thickness of more than 800 nanometers.

  • German Quality

  • Next Generation Graphene Coating Technology

  • 10H Hardness

  • N1 Smoothness Level

  • Stays Lifetime



  • Multi Steps pH  neutral safe hand wash

  • Paint decontamination to remove contaminants including bug splatter,tree sap,bird lime,tar,iron etc.

  • Touchless paint drying with industrial level detailing blower

  • Paint thickness inspection with paint depth gauge

  • Paint correction to remove defects such as swirl marks and fine scratches - Some cars may require extra paint correction stages and times at additional cost

  • Onyx Paint Prep used to cleanse polish residue as the prep work for ceramic coating

  • Onyx Graphene Pure Ceramic Coating professionally installed

  • Windscreen Ceramic Coating installed

  • Head lights and tail lights ceramic coated

  • Tyre Gel applied for tyres.

  • Pro recommendations for vehicle aftercare



  • Onyx Leather&Fabric Protection Coating

  • Onyx Graphene Pro Wheels Ceramic Coating

  • Onyx All Windows Ceramic Coating

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