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Paint Correction

Let your car paint revive from these contaminants

Swirl Marks

Hard Water Deposits

Haze Corrosion

What is paint correction?

Paint Correction is a labor intensive and much skillful process of abrasively polishing the clear coat to remove layers of car paint-work. In most cases, scratches, swirl marks, buffer marks, hard water deposits are completely removed from the paint surface, this includes newer ceramic coating used and previously applied sealants.


The first step is paint decontamination - decontaminating your vehicles paint surface by removing any bonded contamination such as bugs splatter,bird lime,tar,iron corrosion etc.

After chemical residues removal, we then measure the paint thickness of every panel with our paint thickness gauge. By using this, we know how much paint we have to work with to remove deeper defects safely. Swirl marks and scratches and other imperfections are then safely machine buffed out using the quality compounds and polishers.


Mirror-like finishing as the final step is processed to greatly improve clarity and shine getting your paint work ready for our signature Opti-Coat Pro/Pro+ ceramic coatings.

Our customers who experienced this service always compare the outcome to a paint respray – high cost and inconvenience. They usually said that the paint-work looks even better than new.

Free quotation

One stage paint correction for whole car starts from $300, half working day or over required.

Three stage mirror-like finish paint correction for whole car starts from $800,   2 - 3 working days required.

The final quotation varies on types of vehicles and paint-work condition. Please drive to us for a free pre-inspection. Accurate quotation and practical suggestions could only be offered when we see your car.

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How we process paint correction?

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