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A Tough Defense Against The Harsh Road.

PPF is flexible and thick film wrapping on the car paint surface as an almost invisible super armor to protect your car from stone chips, scratching etc. Our ceramic coating service provides reliable protection from chemical contamination. However, if you drive often on highway and back road,  PPF is the finest protection for all kinds of mechanical impact.


We use STEK Dynoshield paint protection film which is scientifically formulated to help maintain the beauty and integrity of vehicle finishes for many years, in all kinds of weather. It’s a combination of innovative film technologies that we stand behind with a 10 year manufacturer warranty and lifetime service guarantee.


PPF comes in either optically clear high gloss or a matte finish that can be used to create specialty effects. Our top-performing film is applied to the surface of the vehicle to create a barrier against water, insects, road debris, and other stains. With either finish, there are benefits of self-healing film and our proprietary HydroResist™ technology.

STEK PPF is available with a stronger adhesive for an overall quicker installation.

  • Ultra-Gloss Finish Enhance the depth of your color and add extra gloss to your car with the DYNOshield’s ultra-gloss finish.

  • Hydrophobic -  DYNOshield’s top coating allows water, dust, debris, and other elements less likely to stick on your car’s surface, making it easier to clean.

  • Self-Healing Coating - DYNOshield boasts super self-healing properties, effectively shielding against swirl marks, surface-level nicks and scratches.

  • Stain Resistant - Worried about stains? Our film protects your car against even the toughest stains means fewer worries about any discoloration. 

  • Damage Resistent - Using STEK’s innovative TPU technology, DYNOshield protects your car against dents, rock chips, and other impact damages.



10 inches – 20 inches of bonnet(partial),fender tips(partial),front bumper


Full hood, full fenders, front bumper,side mirrors


All exterior painted area


The packages above represent the most popular and common options. If you would like a more specified package to suit your car, please contact Enzo Auto Detailing and allow us to guide you through the process. Average costs and times are generalized from our experiences, depending on the make and model or the kit desired it, time’s may vary.

If you are considering a partial wrap only, we recommend looking at our ceramic coating by offering protection against chemical, dirt and increase scratch resistance for areas not covered by the PPF Vinyl.


By combining a ceramic coating and rock chips guard PPF together, we are available to offer a package deal to save you money.


Just walk in and talk to us, we are always ready to help.

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