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Premium Detailing

Ideal for car pre-sale. If you are considering trading in your vehicle or listing it for sale, then a pre-sale detailing service is a required process. We offer specialised detailing referral and guarantee best possible outcomeAttention to detail,we got a great passion for the ART of  vehicle detailing, which will help you to:

  • present your car in its best possible condition to attract more potential buyers

  • solid demonstrate to buyers that your vehicle has been professional maintained

  • increase or preserve your vehicle’s value

We only use the high quality boutique chemicals to safely wash your vehicle in multiple steps, avoiding the risk of occuring unprofessional wash swirls or diminishing the final completion.Pre-detail inspection is required for the accurate quotation which is dependent on vehicle size and condition


  • High pressure rinse to loosen contaminants

  • Multi Steps safe pH  neutral hand wash to remove surface dirt, tar and grim

  • Decontaminate bug splatter/tree sap/bird lime/iron corrosion etc. defects

  • Claybar paint-work surface

  • Vacuum all interior areas including boot

  • Steam clean and shampoo all fabric area: seats,carpets,door jambs,console,dash,cup holders etc.

  • Professionally and safely cleanse the leather components such as leather seat and conditioning for high gloss finish.

  • Engine bay cleaning and conditioning

  • Wheels and wheel wells cleaning

  • Exterior, interior rubber and plastics cleaning and rejuvenating

  • Interior and exterior glass, vanity mirrors streak free clean

  • Tyre dressed using Opti-Coat Tyre Gel

3 doors Hatch from $295.00

Medium Sedan/5 doors Hatch from $345.00

Large Sedan/SUV from $395.00

Extra Large Car from $445.00

One working day is required.

Premium Detail + Paint Enhance

This service is designed for the owner who is looking for a seasonal maintenance as well as a paint enhancement. We highly recommend this service for our first-time customer or whose car has not been professionally detailed before.

Premium Detail+ Paint Enhance is the perfect solution to improve the level of gloss and smooth of your car paint while applying high level protection. This service is recommended every 6 -12 months.


  • All services from Premium Detailing

  • Stage1 or Stage2 paint correction for significant paint enhancement

  • Opti-Coat Hyper Seal for un-coated car | Kamikaze Overcoat for coated car applied as the sacrificial protection layer to preserve the gloss finish up to 12 months.

3 doors Hatch from $495.00

Medium Sedan/5 doors Hatch from $595.00

Large Sedan/SUV from $695.00

Extra Large Car from $795.00

1 - 2 working days are required

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