Enzo Auto Detailing Canberra

Opti-Coat Certified Installer

Ideal for car pre-sale and seasonal maintenance. We offer specialised detailing referral and guarantee 100% satisfied service. Attention to detail,we got a great passion for the ART of  vehicle detailing


  • High pressure rinse to loosen contaminants.

  • Scratch-free pH  neutral hand wash to remove surface dirt, tar and grim.

  • Fully decontaminate bug/tree sap/bird lime/iron dusts and all other chemical defects.

  • Interior full vacuum and steam clean: seats,mats,carpets,door jambs,console,dashboard,vents.

  • Engine bay cleaning and conditioning.

  • Wheels and wheel wells cleaning.

  • Exterior, interior rubber, tyres seals & plastics cleaning and rejuvenating.

  • Interior & exterior glass, vanity mirrors cleaning.

  • Quality wax is processed for professional completion

  • Optional single paint enhancement buffing | double paint enhancement polishing | mirror-like finish paint correction and other polishing solutions are available to add into detailing package deal

Enzo Auto Car Detailing Service - from $295

Car Detailing Canberra

Hatch back/small sedan from $295.00

Large sedan/sports/Ute/compact SUV/4WD from $345.00

Large SUV/4WD from $395.00

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